Painting with Light

The mysterious sculptures located on a hill at Stephens Lake Park are the result of a ceramics art project that has become a staple of the park. Many local residents are often confused by its presence at first glance and theorize that it may be a meeting spot for cults, while others assume its only purpose is to serve as an authentic decoration.

Lighting Diagram

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Video Interview

I partnered up with B.J. Worley for my classmate video interview. Click on his video below to hear about his favorite photo!

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Audio Slideshow Research

I’m sure most people have already seen Luis Sinco’s picture and audio slideshow on the “Marlboro Marine.” I hadn’t and really enjoyed the piece. I thought it was slow-moving but interesting.

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Multiple Flash

Leslye Davis, 20, is a photojournalism student at Western Kentucky University and winner of the Multimedia Portfolio of the Year at the 68th Pictures of the Year International Competition. Davis shared things she has learned as a photographer on April 8, 2011, at the Fred Smith Forum in the Reynolds Journalism Institute. Speaking of her subjects, "When they say, 'I love her so much and they mean their cow and not their wife you have to put it in the right place," Davis said.


Lighting Diagram for Multiple Flash

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Fill and Balance

Fill and Balance: For the fill part of my assignment I went and followed a former Sol House resident, Carl, around for an afternoon. We walked around 4 miles starting from the Gerbes on West Ash and ending at his dad’s house on the north-east end of turn near the Hardee’s off of Paris Rd. and I-70. I wasn’t really happy with any of my shots. I really struggled to manually focus, walk backwards, frame, and control fill flash. For the balance part of my assignment I went back and photographed Krystal again now that she’s been a mom for 2 weeks.

Krystal Whitaker, 18, holds Kyah's tiny hands as her 2-week-old daughter yawns widely. "She's so sleepy," Krystal said. "At night she wakes up for a few hours but then she'll go back to sleep."

Lighting Diagram

And an outtake that I really liked. I don’t think it fits the assignment as well. In my select the darker lighting inside is more accurate, although the image does feel dark to me. In this outtake I like the image but it may be a little too light given the difference between inside and outside light.

Krystal Whitaker, 18, holds Kyah's tiny hands as she leans close to her 2-week-old daughter. "The first couple weeks really haven't been too bad. She sleeps alot and poops alot," Krystal said.

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Color Correction

I shot my color correction photos in two locations. The first location was at the friend’s house where Krystal and Kyah are staying. I photographed in tungsten lighting conditions at that location. I shot my fluorescent lighting at KinderCare Day Care over by the mall.

For the image below I lay on the floor so I could get a better child’s-eye view of the situation.

The skin-colored blob in the bottom right corner is not my leg or arm, it’s actually the top of my son’s head! He started crawling over when I was taking pictures of Trinity and popped into the frame as I took the picture.

I could crop the image in from the right a bit to remove his head more but I like the jungle playmat in the back right which also conveys the sense that this is in a daycare.

Many parents worry about the effects of sending their child to daycare for the first time. However, to the child, daycare may be a place of adventure filled with new smells, sounds, people to look at, and toys to play with. Nine-month-old Trinity plays happily after her mother dropped her off at KinderCare Day Care and Child Learning Center in Columbia, Missouri, on March 16, 2011.

Lighting Diagram

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Single Flash

This week I was able to spend some time photographing Krystal Whitaker and her new baby, Kyah Noelle Whitaker. Many of you probably remember Krystal from my final project in Fundamentals of Photojournalism last semester.

For those that don’t know her story, Krystal is a high school senior at Hickman High School.┬áKrystal was born and raised in Philadelphia but her mother died when she was 7 years old. She lived briefly with her father but was taken away from his care by social services due to his drug abuse.

Krystal was sent to live with her uncle in Columbia, Missouri, but ran away from him because of their confrontational relationship. Krystal has been homeless several times for months on end. She has stayed at the Sol House, a transitional living placement for teenagers in Columbia which is where I met her last October.

Krystal found out she was pregnant around the time I first started working with her and she was forced to move out of the Sol House because they do not house pregnant teens. She moved back in with her uncle briefly but a big blowup occurred and she left again. A friend took her in or she would likely be homeless again.

I have photographed Krystal on nearly two dozen occasions ranging from her time at the Sol House, her move out of Sol House and in with her uncle, at school, in the community, with her friends, at a variety of outreach events, at her ultra-sound appointment, baby shower, and now at the birth of her daughter, Kyah Noelle Whitaker.

Kyah was born Monday at 4:43 am and I spent 4 or 5 hours photographing Krystal, Kyah, and a host of Krystal’s friends and family as they came to visit that day. For my second take I went back to the hospital today and photographed Krystal as she packed up and went home for the first time.

I plan to continue working with Krystal as long as I am in Columbia and as long as she continues to want me to photograph her.

Notes on Photos: I shot bounce most of the two days but did some direct for the assignment as well. I like the first 3 images below quite a bit, all were bounced. Not so wild about the 4th but had to pick a select with direct flash so there it is.

Krystal Whitaker, 18, is a high school senior at Hickman High School. Krystal has been homeless several times in her life and is currently living at a friend's house in Columbia. On March 7, 2011, Krystal became a mother after her daughter Kyah Noelle Whitaker was born at 4:43 am at Columbia Regional Hospital.

Kyah Noelle Whitaker was born on at 4:43 am on March 7, 2011, at Columbia Regional Hospital to Krystal Whitaker, 18, and Trinstan "Trent" Jones, 27. At birth Kyah was 19.5" long and weighed 7 lbs 0 oz.

Krystal Whitaker, 18, feeds her newborn daughter, Kyah Noelle Whitaker a bottle of formula on March 9, 2011 at Columbia Regional Hospital, as she waits for her friend to pick her up from the hospital.

After two days in the hospital Krystal Whitaker, 18, waits for a friend to arrive and pick her up from the hospital. Kyah Noelle Whitaker was born on March 7, 2011, at Columbia Regional Hospital.

Lighting Diagrams

Lighting Diagram for 1st Image: Profile of Krystal with Balloon

Lighting Diagram for 2nd and 3rd Images. Both bounced off of same wall.

Lighting Diagram for 4th Image. Direct Flash.

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